What is it?

The JETS is a professionalised performance environment as close as possible to that of elite triathletes, designed to support amateur Triathletes/Duathletes and develop the skills and standards needed to progress in the sport. It comprises World, European, British and Scottish medallists, in 2017/18 every member of the 18 strong squad was a GB Age-Grouper and collectively the JETS racked up over 60 podiums across a 12 month period as well as several awards for coaching and performance.

JETS Athletes receive:

  • Coaching across 8 sessions per week (Swim, Bike, Run, Brick and S&C).
  • The option of a fully planned and structured coaching programme.
  • Benefits of Squad Sponsorship:
  • 121 planning sessions with head coach
  • Individualised Training
  • Free events through sponsors CLIF Bar
  • Education sessions (guest speakers on a range of relevant topics).
  • Nutrition advise, education and planning (see here for more).
  • Social events
  • Warm weather training
  • An inclusive ‘Team’ mentality
  • Professional Coaching
  • Celebration of achievements through social media


Many top level age-groupers are as professional in their attitude a many full-time triathletes and have the same burning desire to achieve their very best, yet don’t have access to the high level support they need to achieve this. The JETS fills this gap with an affordable, professional environment for top-class age-groupers and developing elites who would otherwise not be able to access such a supportive, professional training environment. In this way it is intended to support the great work of the other clubs in the Edinburgh area an exists to further support top athletes in these clubs

Our values.

We are:

  • Professional – Becoming ‘elite’ in what we do and how we do it.
  • Questioning – We try new things to get new (and improved) results
  • Committed to – The JETS, our growth, long term development, coaching process and racing.
  • Positive – Enthusiastic to the opportunities we are presented with. Avoiding negative talk of any kind.
  • Growth minded – Looking to improve in all areas as much as possible.
  • Athlete Centred – Giving each member all they need to perform.
  • Individualised – Recognising the need for a specific approach for each athlete.