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Up here in Scotland it’s felt a very long winter indeed. A little like in C.S. Lewis’ Narnia stories where it was always winter but never Christmas, the last 6 months have felt constantly grey, with no ‘proper’ weather, dry, but no sun, cold but not crisp, precipitation, but no snow. However, as I write, the sun is out, it’s warm – even hot, neighbours are out doing DIY and kids are playing in the garden. Dare I say it, the summer and the energy it brings seems to finally be here.

Weather like this fuels an exciting life, it makes us get out, breath the fresh air, exercise (even without meaning to), takes away the effort of getting out an training and reminds us of the beauty, peace and many blessings we are gifted every day.

In the past I might have felt that this was the first day back after a long time away from the life I want to be living and the feelings I have wanted to feel though those long last few months. But not this year.

Firstly, my work with the JETS Triathlon squad, keeps things fresh, each now training block has it’s own focus and just like the days of the week tick by quickly, focusing on the jobs to be done in each block tend to make time pass. However, the real change is that I have made a real effort to embrace the extraordinary adventure of life.

You may have seen that I work with Clif bar (who also sponsor the JETS) and their motto or mantra is Feed Your Adventure. Their website is filled with funky videos and photos of people who look far cooler than me doing extraordinarily exciting looking things. Surfing, mountainlike, camping, hiking, triathlons and breaking records, every video looks like a life far from the monotony of 5am starts and too many hours in front of a laptop. But then last year I had an epiphany…

Hang on, I get up at 5am to coach some of the best and most inspiring real world triathletes in the country, as a triathlete myself I get to train across three sports, mountain bike, time trial open water swim. I have a 6month old baby girl, a wonderful wife, a great home close to the beautiful Scottish borders and in one of the most historic cities in the world. I’m young, fit, healthy, wealthy (in so many more ways than money), have been given a rich past and the possibilities for my future are endless. My life is the same life as in those Clif Bar videos…it’s just someone filmed those other people.

The realisation that my life has the possibility of being the greatest adventure has been liberating. In December I ran every day, January I signed up for some open water swim races in the summer, Feb signed up for a swim-run race (never done that before), March went warm-weather training and raced an uphill, open water swim obstacle course race, April did my first road triathlon in 3years and last weekend I raced the British Sprint Championships on Saturday and then the Edinburgh Half Marathon on Sunday (too much adventure…nah, why be boring!).

None of this is special in itself, but it is more the attitude to which I have approached life during the winter that has changed. I am so thankful for the many things I have been given in my life, it’s good to be reminded of what I say on my twitter profile and start ‘living to the full’, appreciating that there really can be adventure at every turn if I have the right attitude.

Thanks, Clif Bar for the reminder.

How will you #feedyouradventure?


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